We are located just north of Encinitas Blvd

Address: 184 N Coast Hwy 101 (entry just after Capt Kenos and iphone repair kiosk) Drop-in estimates weekdays 8am-2pm, call first to arrange for other times convenient to you, 760 753 5534

Perfect your Car before you sell or turn in..

Reselling your car or trading in can be a trying experience. Lowball, insulting offers, or worse, none at all. However, surveys show that when your auto body is repaired to new condition, you will realize much more on resale or lease turn in. It is also true that the window of timing to sell is narrow. The earliest callers are always the most ready, willing and able to buy, so taking chances with a car imperfect is a costly experiment! We can perfect your car - it may cost less than you think. (We will also tell you upfront if it is NOT worth fixing!)

The devil is in the details

We welcome a job as small as a little scratch repair, door ding or fender bump, on up to major damage. We will get it done right. But as they say, the devil is in the details! That is why it is important to make sure to use the most experienced people to repair your automobile. We don't take shortcuts or do a hasty job. It's the crafstmanship, the pride in doing the job right and well that means so much.

Why are we different?

Encinitas Autobody Repair really is different from other auto body shops. Most auto body repair shops have ASE certification, offer free estimates, pickup and delivery, work with your insurance and with the other parties just as we do, but sadly some in this industry deserve the bad rep they've earned. Who hasn't heard the stories or experienced less than ethical treatment in the auto repair business? Our passion here however, is community, service and highest ethics. We care deeply about each and every one of our customers and this wonderful community. We are longtime locals who appreciate the business of all who share our values -- whether newcomers or natives - and ask those who don't to pass us by! When you do decide to bring your car in, rest easy knowing we operate with integrity. We are locally owned, small and independent. We love what we do, being part of the community and serving our many friends in Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Cardiff, Carlsbad, Oceanside and beyond. Many customers have told us they like the small 'mom and pop' feeling of our business.

Thank you to my customers!

Paying it forward. Giving back what you have received yourself; giving and receiving are interdependent, one needs both to complete the circle. That is one of the reasons I support Kiva. They help small businesses worldwide, people to people. You can choose the donee, based on their track record, or your personal preferences. Let us know if you have a favorite and we will direct a portion of your repairs toward them.
Where would be all be without the support of friends, family and community? Thank you to all of you!
I haven't forgotten how it feels to need a helping hand, and no matter what, I never wish to forget.
My deepest thanks to my customers, friends, and community.

Nature of the beast

Sometimes part of the business here or at any auto repair or service business, even at your doctor or dentist's office, is having to hear ''bad news'', to those already under stress. That is, the the news is not what you expected to hear.
A repair job may turn out to cost more than the customer anticipated. Maybe they were hit by an uninsured driver and they assumed the fender bump would be two or three hundred to repair when actually it is much more. And I have to explain that.
Ouch!! And yet here our rates are unbeatable locally, and work is guaranteed for as long as you own the car. We love what we do, and we love our customers, and love word of mouth referrals!
So, that makes it all worthwhile and we hope we can make a stressful situation less so.
A recent customer, a wonderful lady from Del Mar, told us...''I even bump some of my cars on purpose JUST so I can bring them in here!'' of course she was kidding, but the point is made.
At Encinitas Autobody Repair, we take good care of you, at the end of day, that's what it's all about.

Classic beauty never goes out of style...Jaguar E type and 55 300 SL

Maybe not practical, or comfortable...but beauty like this is justifies itself...